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The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn

A Study of Surrealism and Precognitive Art

Author: Glenn Harte


[Following is an official review of “The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn” by Glenn Harte.]

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4 out of 4 stars

Review by CataclysmicKnight

Anthony Quinn was an incredibly prolific actor who travelled the world. He befriended and spoke with world leaders and was a man with high standards and a strong moral center. What many may not be aware of, however, is that the man with over 160 acting credits that include movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Zorba the Greek and La Strada was also one heck of an artist. While many of his pieces sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it was one piece in particular that blew Glenn Harte away: Facets of Liberty. This painting and the precognative nature of it are the focus of Glenn’s book The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn.

Anthony Quinn painted Facets of Liberty a full 16 years before the events of 9/11, and Quinn didn’t even live to see 9/11 himself. Despite this, Glenn is able to point out numerous segments of the painting that relate perfectly to the event. The painting in question is a montage with the Statue of Liberty peering off toward what looks like a dark figure under the face of the Statue of Liberty itself. In the lower-left corner is a mass of brush strokes that seem almost meaningless at first glance, but after Glenn’s explanation it’s clear they could represent firefighters, onlookers or people who escaped from the burning buildings. Glenn highlights or clips out different parts of the painting, putting them side-by-side with images from that horrific day or people related to it and compares them to make his points. While one or two points feel like a bit of a stretch, overall I genuinely saw what Glenn was talking about and was rather blown away myself! As someone who has no experience with interpreting art, it was a really fascinating journey.

Aside from describing the different ways that, in hindsight, Facets of Liberty is a prophetic painting, Glenn discusses the amazing life of Anthony Quinn, gives some information about precognition (seeing things before they happen) and remote viewing (“witnessing events not directly before the viewer”) and mentions other famous works of precognition. As such, the book stays fresh and interesting without going so deep into art or precognition in general that it becomes dry or loses its focus. While I’ve never actually watched any of Quinn’s movies, his life was really fascinating and Glenn’s brief look at it made me want to know even more. It’s clear that Glenn did a lot of research, and he lists two of Quinn’s autobiographies as his main sources of information along with speaking with Quinn’s wife and those who knew him.

In addition to Facets of Liberty, there’s another piece that Quinn painted that was incredible. The painting is of a pre-teen boy, which may seem uninteresting on its own, but what makes it astonishing is that it looks almost identical to his son at that age. This is made truly mind-blowing when you learn the painting was done 50+ years before his son was born and it was inspired by “the boy”, someone he wrote about seeing often in his autobiographies! Like Facets of Liberty, Glenn has an image in the book of the painting and Quinn’s son side-by-side to show just how spot-on it is.

What amazed me the most was how much the book made me believe. This was done through Glenn’s demonstrations comparing the paintings, the recounting of his amazing life and pointing out other famous artists who created things via various forms of precognition. The latter topic is what really sealed the deal, and all but one of the examples were new to me. For example, a man named Morgan Robertson wrote a book called The Wreck of the Titan 14 years before the Titanic famously sunk. The book was “about the sinking of an unsinkable ocean liner named the Titan” which sank while carrying hundreds of wealthy travellers after hitting an iceberg.

The one thing that worried me about The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn was that Glenn is actually the agent for Quinn’s artwork, which is something he states at the beginning of the book. He took on the role in June 2003, and since then has done an expert job familiarising himself with barns full of Quinn’s work. When I researched this book before choosing to review it a reviewer said that the book felt like Glenn was merely trying to increase the value of the artwork, but after reading the book myself I couldn’t disagree more. Glenn comes off as a friend and a fan of Quinn, someone who appreciates his artwork and life and was merely blown away when he saw Facets of Liberty, which is essentially how he says it himself. It would be more like getting a dream job, realizing something awesome about your boss and then letting everyone know about it genuinely and honestly. I’m really glad I gave this book a shot, it turned me into a fan of Quinn and a believer of Facets of Liberty and artistic precognition in general.

While I enjoyed the book, and I found absolutely no errors at all, I really would’ve liked it if there was a bit more to it. I’m definitely more interested in Quinn’s life, and since there are at least two autobiographies covering that very topic I can understand why Glenn didn’t go more in depth than he did (there were already two chapters solely about Quinn’s life as it was!). However, at the very least more of his artwork would’ve been a nice touch. There are a handful of pieces included, but the author mentions he worked with all sorts of various mediums and I would’ve loved some sculptures or other pieces included. I’d rate the book 3.5 stars if I could, merely because the book feels like it’s missing a little something, but I would feel wrong marking a whole star off of it. As such, my official rating is 4 out of 4 stars. It’s a quick, light read that still manages to cover some deep topics and Glenn ends the book with several books to learn more about Quinn and preconception. Anyone who enjoys art, biographies, preconception or seeing into the lives of actors should give the book a shot, and anyone who is a fan of Anthony Quinn should go grab it immediately.

Official Review: The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn

Post Number:#8 by judyWill453 ┬╗ 09 Aug 2017, 21:58

I have to say that I agree with Knight’s review.. This is a great read! The author Glenn Harte introduces a completely new concept, the concept of precognitive artwork. I have never heard of this before reading this book and I have to say after reading it, I now completely believe in precognition and that precognitive art is real!!! I do not want to give the book away, but I love the way the author works through the concept with facts and third parties. The book also provides a great history on Quinn’s life and exposes the reader to a man who obviously lead an amazing life. The book focuses in on one particular painting that has powerful subject matter about 9/11. I was happy to read something that introduced a new idea and was not the same old stuff that you read over and over. I would encourage all who love to read to read this book! It’s a page turner, that flows easily and will keep you entertained!!!